THORN + BLOOM | botanical perfume

Luxury botanical perfumes handcrafted with the finest natural aromatics.






Growing up on a farm in northern NY instilled in me a deep connection to the natural world. I had space to roam and each season brought with it the most glorious sensory gifts. Spring was a passing whiff of the lilac tree on the western edge of our farmhouse. Summer exhaled sour wild strawberries and sun-scorched earth. Autumn brought musty mounds of leaves and ancient apple trees hidden in forgotten hedgerows. Winter whispered plumes of smoke from spent fires and boiling sap amongst the evergreens. 

As a city dweller of late, I often find myself lost in deep nostalgia for the sensory experiences that shaped my world. This longing for connection led me to start experimenting with scent as a means to transport myself outside the city's boundaries, and into the great outdoors of my youth. Reveling in scent can be the perfect way to escape; it can bring you full blooms in a frozen tundra, fresh grass in a sea of pavement, or a lover's musk when you're all alone. I hope Thorn & Bloom Perfume can help take you where you want to go.

As the founder and perfumer for Thorn & Bloom Perfume, I have received a diploma from Anya McCoy's Natural Perfumery Course at the Natural Perfumery Institute. I am also a Certified Natural Perfumer with the Natural Perfumers Guild.