THORN + BLOOM | botanical perfume

Luxury botanical perfumes handcrafted with the finest natural aromatics.



"But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose"

-Anne Brontë



Thorn & Bloom is an artisanal perfumery handcrafting luxury botanical fragrances using the finest natural aromatics. As proud members of the Natural Perfumers Guild, we are dedicated to the authenticity and ethical integrity of our award winning perfume. Our fragrances are comprised of 100% botanical aromatics, such as Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2 Extracts and Tinctures in a base of triple-filtered USDA Organic Grape Alcohol. We do not use synthetic aroma chemicals, preservatives or GMOs (see our ingredient list). Each small batch is lovingly blended by hand in Charlestown, MA by founder and perfumer, Jennifer Botto.

We believe that when it comes to scent, nature knows best. Our blends embrace all that nature has to offer, from thorn to bloom. This holistic approach keeps or perfume pristinely pure and allows the aromatics' full spectrum to shine. Sometimes this spectrum includes unique nuances which, to some, may be an acquired taste. We look upon these nuances as essential elements, knowing that imperfection can elevate beauty in surprising and spectacular ways.