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We've recently been named a finalist for QVC's Beauty Quest Award! QVC chooses from 6 brands to be discovered and featured on their platform. The winner will be announced at the CEW awards luncheon 5/12/17.

"QVC is looking for a product and story that will resonate well with the QVC beauty customer. Part of QVC’s success model is that they build trust with the consumer through the power of the relationship so they’re looking at a product that has the ability to emotionally connect with the customer and deliver great results and benefits! "


Get to know our latest fragrances! Limestone is a refreshingly dry mineral lime cologne, perfect for spring. Citrine is a full-bodied juicy citrus, smelling of freshly squeezed clementines still on the stem. Indigo evokes perfumery's aromatherapy roots, showcasing gorgeous lavender essential oil and absolute with floral osmanthus and minty sweet birch. Evergreen is a quintessentially New England aroma, featuring fresh green tree needles and suave, smoky woods.



Join us at the fabulous LUKE AARON Beacon Hill boutique for an evening of botanical perfume and designer fashion! Our favorite local independent fashion designer, Luke Aaron will host Thorn + Bloom in his jewel of a shop, along with many other treasured brands. Shop, sniff, and swoon over his uniquely tailored collection of clothing, accessories, housewares and body products.

Friday, March 18th



Thorn & Bloom wins ÇaFleureBon's Best of Scent 2015


Our Savage Garden wins ÇaFleureBon's Editors & Contributors Best of Scent 2015! We're thrilled and honored that such an amazing niche perfume blog has taken a shine to our scents. Our 100% natural Savage Garden eau de parfum is lush and green, evoking a wild aromatic landscape in the midst of a dramatic thunderstorm. You'll find fresh minty herbs, heady white flowers, moist earthy roots and cool metallic ozone. 

We're collaborating with Vala Collection Boutique in L.A. for the Holidays!

Photo by Vala Collection Instagram

Photo by Vala Collection Instagram


When Vala Collection approached us to collaborate on a new type of Pop-up, we jumped at the chance! This unique venue sources indie artisan brands to showcase in their traveling boutique. Their collection is carefully curated (we're sharing the space with 3 other amazing brands - L.A. Grace Jewelry, Loli Beauty, Rooey Knots), and shows now through December 30th in L.A.

You can read all about their innovative approach to retail and curation in this article by BostInno.

Photo by Vala Collection Instagram

Photo by Vala Collection Instagram


Thorn & Bloom wins top honors at the 2015 International Artisan Fragrance Awards


We're so thankful to the Artisan Fragrance Salon for their acclaim at this year's awards. Our Bird of Paradise took home a silver medal for the category of Top Judges Selections. Wild Rose and Stranger in the Cherry Grove were also big winners, taking home both silver and bronze medals. As a new company that started from the ground up, we're thrilled that our hard work is getting noticed! We recently entered our blends in the Art + Olfaction Awards (fingers crossed!), so we'll be sure to keep you posted on the results.

Bugs & Blooms


One of my favorite things about summer flowers is their ability to attract these gorgeous little creatures with their sumptuous scents. I love photographing this miniature world, watching as they struggle to climb between petal folds, making their way to the source of the enigmatic odor. I imagine the scent trail to be an overwhelmingly seductive force on these tiny bodies, who follow it blindly and with such fervor. I once witnessed an insect orgy atop a giant peony… and could only surmise that the flower's fragrance sent them into a lustful swoon. But hey, what happens on peony stays on peony... 


Market Days


We've had our first market and it was a huge success! The feedback we received was very positive, from the scent composition to the packaging and display. By far our most popular scent was Bird of Paradise, I think in part because of its association with summer sunshine and exotic beaches, which is so appealing now that we're getting re-acquainted with summer. I'm interested to see if people's tastes will change with the changing of the seasons… I know mine do! Thanks to all who stopped by and shared their enthusiasm, it was such a delight to watch our scents bring pleasure to others. Our next market dates will be Saturday June 27th at the Greenway Open Market and Sunday June 28th at the South End Open Market. Feel free to stop by and chat about our process and get to know our perfumes. We'd love to see you!


Wood Caps


I'm so excited! My wood caps arrived this week and they are beauties. Thanks to Josh at Somerville Made for designing and crafting such unique toppers for my perfumes. I love the natural grain and rich tones… can't wait to see them totally finished and in action at the markets this summer.